Secured Impound Solutions Inc.

The Solution to Post Accident Management and Insurance Fraud Prevention

Why work with us?

Reduced Costs to the Insured

  • Reduced towing costs
  • Less days in storage - easy access to vehicles
  • Reduced daily storage rate
  • Reduced rental car expenses
  • Better Salvage Returns on Total loss vehicles


Insurance Fraud Prevention

  • SIS works with the Insurer from the First Notice of Loss to reduce Insurance fraud caused by access to the Insured by third party opportunists 
  • Insured's will be encouraged to call for guidance from their Insurance Companies Claims Hotline or their Broker, from the accident scene or from the CRC 

Professional, Efficient and Cost-Effective

  • Reduced effort by employees to find and release accident vehicles
  • Easily locate accident vehicles from our secure website
  • Vehicles are readily accessible to Adjusters
  • Decreased chance for theft of parts and additional damage to vehicles

Professional, Efficient and Cost-Effective

Discover how we make a difference to your company's bottom line

  • Using the SIS Dashboard the Insurer will be able to easily locate the Insured's accident vehicles that are in the SIS system
  • The Insurer will be able to review accident details and photos of each vehicle online
  • The Insurer can review all incurred costs for towing, storage, etc. in a single detailed report
  • The Insurer can conveniently set appointments in our online system for your Appraiser to access any of your vehicles in our impounds. No need to call us to request access.
  • More efficient processing of accident vehicles
  • Reduced legal costs and time spent for insurance lawyers and employees participating in lengthy, time consuming court appearances 

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