Secured Impound Solutions

Secure Storage for Accident Vehicles: Reduce Insurance Costs and Decrease Insurance Fraud

Benfits for Insurance Company's

  • Reduced towing costs.
  • Competitive daily storage rates.
  • Reduced number of days in storage.*
  • Reduced number of daily rental car costs.
  • Better salvage returns on total loss vehicles (online auction from our impounds).
  • Reduced fraud by limiting access to the Insured by third-party operators.

Benefits for the Insured

  • SIS reduces insurance fraud by blocking opportunistic third parties who exploit the Insured as the result of the accident.
  • We prioritize security and prevention against fraud by reducing access to the Insured and their property.
  • The Insured should contact their Insurance Company if they have questions or concerns.
  • Accident Claims are processed more efficiently.


SIS is Professional, Efficient, and Cost Effective

  • The Insurance Company will be notified when one of their insured vehicles arrives in an SIS location. 
  • Pictures of each vehicle are accessible on the SIS website.
  • * Once we receive the vehicle ownership and keys we will release the accident vehicle for auction.
  • Accident Vehicles are accessible to insurance representatives and clients, by appointment.