How SIS Helps the Insured Navigate the Accident Scene

Two car collision in winter conditions

Picture the scene. One of your Insured customers is involved in a multi-vehicle collision. It's dark, and it is snowing heavily, the insured and passengers are anxious and possibly injured. It is probably not the best situation for the Insured to make decisions that will be crucial in resolving the situation in the best way possible.

If the collision happens in the evening or on weekends, consider that few shops can receive vehicles after business hours. The tow operator will suggest taking the vehicle to a storage facility. The Insured has few alternative options.

Some unscrupulous storage facilities charge from $60 to $70+ per day for storage, sometimes more. There is also the opportunity to take undamaged parts off the vehicle at these locations. They may remove headlights, catalytic converters, airbags, etc. It's also not easy to get vehicles released from these facilities. In our case studies, vehicles remain at these facilities for an average of 22 days. There will also be additional costs for rental vehicles while their vehicle is in storage.

Having the vehicle removed to a safe and secure impound is a better option. That's where Secured Impound Solutions can help.

The SIS Impound Network

Secured Impound Solutions has the largest network of safe, secure vehicle storage in Ontario. We have over 50 locations across Ontario, from Windsor to Ottawa and from Niagara to Timmins. SIS has dedicated storage for 20,000+ accident vehicles at any one time in our gated, and fenced impounds. All vehicles are readily accessible to insurance adjusters during regular business hours. All of our locations are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

SIS Impounds

Secured Impound Solutions Locations

After the vehicle is dropped off at one of our impounds, the impound operator will document damage to the vehicle, take pictures from all external angles, as well as the vehicle’s interior and engine compartment, and upload this information to our website. The Insurer can then securely login to the SIS website to review the accident details and the photos of the damaged vehicle.

If after reviewing the pictures the appraiser may be able to determine if the vehicle can be repaired or is a total loss. If it can be repaired, the Insurance Company can have it towed to the repair shop of their choice. If the vehicle is determined to be a total loss, it can be auctioned online directly from our SIS impound without incurring the cost of another tow.

If the appraiser would like to view the car in person, an appointment can be setup from our website without having to call our SIS impound. The appraiser can then visit the SIS impound to complete the vehicle inspection and arrange to have it moved to a repair shop if necessary.

Pictures of the vehicle are taken upon arrival at every SIS Impound, reducing the chance of additional damage to the vehicle or the removal of expensive, undamaged parts. Each of our impound operators have liability coverage in the event that something does happen to the vehicle while in one of our Impounds. 

Secured Impound Solutions is a much better option to the insurance industry.

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